HERSHEY®’S Milk & Milkshakes to Serve As Title Sponsor of World’s Largest Participatory 3on3 Basketball Tournament

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HERSHEY®’S Milk & Milkshakes, a line of single-serve milk and milkshakes, will serve as the title sponsor of Hoop It Up, the world’s largest participatory 3on3 basketball tournament program. Launched in 1989, Hoop It Up hosts tournaments across the country and provides local players in all age divisions the opportunity to compete with a focus on health, fitness and fun. Regional winners of the HERSHEY’S Milk & Milkshakes Hoop It Up Tour, which began March 26 in Austin, TX, qualify for the Hoop It Up World Championships, held in Miami, FL, in August.   

While at Hoop It Up competitions, athletes and spectators have a chance to enter the HERSHEY’S Milk & Milkshakes Basketball Shot Contest and sample HERSHEY’S Milk & Milkshakes in approximately 40 U.S. cities.

HERSHEY’s flavored milk and milkshakes are available in 12 oz. plastic single-serve bottles in a variety of flavors, including HERSHEY’S Lowfat Chocolate Milk,  HERSHEY’S Chocolate Milkshake, HERSHEY’S Cookies n’ Cream Milkshake and HERSHEY’S Strawberry Milkshake, at retailers nationwide.

“We are pleased to have HERSHEY’S Milk & Milkshakes serve as the title sponsor of the Hoop It Up Tour, providing a platform to introduce the authentic and delicious taste of HERSHEY’S Milk & Milkshakes to more than 40,000 Hoop It Up participants and more than 200,000 spectators during the 2011 Tour,” said Lynne Bohan, spokesperson for HP Hood LLC, a license partner to The Hershey Company.

About the HERSHEY’S Milk & Milkshakes Basketball Shot Contest
Whether a Hoop It Up participant or not, all contest hopefuls can enter the HERSHEY’S Milk & Milkshakes Basketball Shot Contest. For $5 per attempt, contestants have 45 seconds to score as many points as possible from six marked locations on the court. The winner of each tour stop contest receives 40% of proceeds and a plaque; second place gets 10% of proceeds and a plaque; and third place gets 5% of proceeds. The remaining proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization in the local community that encourages health and fitness among children.


About HP Hood LLC (licensee of HERSHEY®’S Milk & Milkshakes)
Founded in 1846, today Hood is one of the largest branded dairy operators in the United States.  Hood is the number-one dairy brand in New England, and Hood’s portfolio of national and super-regional brands and franchise products includes Hood, Kemps, Crowley Foods, Simply Smart, Heluva Good!, LACTAID, FiberOne, BAILEYS® Coffee Creamers, Blue Diamond Almond Breeze® and HERSHEY®’S Milk & Milkshakes. For more information about Hood, please visit www.Hood.com. For more information about HERSHEY®’S Milk & Milkshakes, visit www.HersheysMilkandShakes.com.

About Hoop it Up
Hoop It Up’s tournaments, in approximately 40 markets, include male, female and co-ed half-court competitions along with a wide variety of basketball-related activities and entertainment. Hoop It Up's parent company, Lagardère Unlimited, is a global sports agency specializing in talent representation, event production and management, television and new media production, sales of broadcast rights, content development, and corporate marketing consultation. Registration for Hoop It Up is available at HoopItUp.com.

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